Mission & Vision

Bring trust to solve Internet problems. Not only security. Security is a condition you can have not a product or a system that you sell. In this sense we are a secure system to use Internet.

Our Mission: Accelerate Adoption of Secure Technologies

Collaborate with innovators to provide real-world, standards-based cybersecurity capabilities that address business needs.


Our Vision: Advance Cybersecurity

A secure cyber infrastructure that inspires technological innovation and fosters economic growth.


Our Goals
Provide practical cybersecurity

Help organizations secure their data and digital infrastructure by equipping them with practical ways to implement standards-based, cost-effective, repeatable, and scalable cybersecurity solutions.

Increase rate of adoption

Enable companies to rapidly adopt commercially available cybersecurity technologies by reducing their total cost of ownership.

Accelerate effective innovation

Empower innovators to creatively address businesses’ most pressing cybersecurity challenges in a state-of-the-art, collaborative environment.